High Performance Green Port Giurgiu - Stage II - Construction

The port of Giurgiu located at river km 493 of the Danube, in the proximity of Bucharest and the Bulgarian port of Ruse, is a crossroad for flows and transhipment of freight between inland waterway, rail and road transport. Its infrastructure upgrade will contribute to enhance the connections between different modes of transport allowing an increase of freight handled along the Romanian section of the Danube and the overall Rhine-Danube core network corridor. The construction Works foreseen in Action HPGPG will aim to develop Giurgiu as a green port that embraces environmental and climate protection.

The general objective of the Action are:

  • Improving the quality of the existing port infrastructure in Romania on the Rhine-Danube Corridor;
  • Increasing the capacity by upgrading the port of Giurgiu's existing basic infrastructure and by procuring facilities for enhancing loading and transshipment at the port;
  • Turning Giurgiu into the first "Green Danube Port" based on "Joint Statement on Guiding Principles for Development of Inland Navigation in the Danube River Basin";
  • Supporting modal split by fostering the use of inland waterway transport and eliminating bottlenecks by building the missing links with rail/road/inland waterway networks.

The scope of the Action is to:

  • Construct the missing links with road, rail and inland waterway networks;
  • Build a covered "all-weather" trimodal terminal;
  • Develop and implement a supply chain system within the intermodal terminal;
  • Upgrade the port water side basic infrastructure;
  • Apply for obtaining the EMAS certification for the trimdal "all-weather" terminal


High Performance Green Port Giurgiu - Stage I